Smoke Show

Jalapeño-based hot sauce.

Smoke Show

Jalapeño-based hot sauce.

Get sauced.

Smoke Show is a lightly smoked jalapeño sauce that started small, but had huge potential. They had the right flavour; HRVST gave them the right look. We built Smoke Show's visual identity across branding on digital and physical assets including a logo, vehicle design, apparel, their unmistakable bottle and stopmotion video. Today, they are a fridge staple for fans around the world. Yum.


The dynamic digital presence HRVST developed for POP Shoes was their first step towards global domination. Through the ecommerce site we built for them, they ship from their Montreal HQ to sneakerheads everywhere.

“Working with these guys is easy breezy - they can communicate, they understand our needs and have made a serious impacted on our everyday. We couldnt operate without the work that HRVST has done for us.”

Vanessa Ades, Founder.


Brand colours.

Smoke Show wanted to differentiate itself by not relying on the warm palettes most hot sauces use. HRVST built their branding around a clean black base with strong accents of green, alluding to the product's jalapeño foundation.

Hot sauce; fire branding.

Smoke Show wanted their sauce to do the talking. HRVST designed a logo for them that easily translated across digital and physical assets.

The secret sauce.

Smoke Show wanted to extinguish the skull-and-flames schtick of other hot sauces. HRVST created a bottle design that is distinguished and disruptive: a simple logo and clear plastic lets the sauce and its ingredients shine. Now that's hot.

Taking heat to the streets.

Smoke Show is on the road a lot, from food events to sales meetings to deliveries. HRVST designed them a simple logo and connected the branding across packaging, truck design and apparel.


Video content has never been more important for food brands; Buzzfeed's Tasty gets 1.8 billion video views a month and 1.6 billion of those are from Facebook alone. HRVST took this insight and created a stopmotion video for Smoke Show that captured the brand's fun flavour and could be shared across digital platforms.

Next up: GlobalVision

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Next up: GlobalVision

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