The pack designed for the urban dog.


The pack designed for the urban dog.

These dog days (really) are just the beginning.

Dogpack had an idea that made people's tongues wag: a personalized service delivering high-end, nutritious dog food to puppy parents and their canine children. The paw-sibilities were endless; HRVST took them from ideation to execution across digital and physical assets including ecommerce design and development, copywriting and promotional material. The result was integrated, timeless branding and UX that will last for dog years to come.

The picks of the litter.

Dogpack opted for influencers of the four-legged variety. They engaged Montreal's top #dogsofinstagram to be part of their pack, building buzz and getting tails wagging about their brand prior to its launch.

"Amazing company, amazing people, and amazing work! HRVST is killing the game. It's been and will continue to be a pleasure to work with this team."

Phil Cabana, Founder.

Brand colours.

If you want to be the leader of the pack, you have to dress the part. HRVST gave Dogpack a modern, minimalist colour palette of blues and blacks that touches on tech without fully going off-leash from the canine concept.

Old industry, new tricks.

HRVST collaborated with Dogpack to disrupt the pet food industry by providing a seamless ecommerce platform that delivers food straight to owners' doorsteps.

Trust your mutt.

HRVST gave Dogpack the means to gather customer data from dog owners, their pups and their tastes to provide a personalized experience for every pooch.

The woof on the streets.

Puppy parents run with an interconnected, invested, emotionally engaged pack. HRVST created flyers and banners to meet them where they are: events, dog parks and fire hydrants around the city.

Like a dog with a bone.

The Canadian pet food market grew by 4% in 2014 to $322.3 billion, with similar growth projected in 2016. By creating a personalized, convenient way for customers to access canine nutrition products, Dogpack is positioning itself to be an alpha in the industry.

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Next up: Smoke Show

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