The gift guide that keeps on giving.


The gift guide that keeps on giving.

Exactly what they asked for.

The holidays are the most competitive time of the year for any brand. Bench needed a gift guide for their clothing line to build awareness and drive sales. Having already worked on the brand's 2015/2016 lookbooks, HRVST knew what it took to get this apparel company attention — and under trees.

No ugly sweaters here.

Bench enlisted HRVST to showcase their clothing and accessories in a way that engaged customers' imaginations and created a sense of desire. Think: It's not just a hat — it's THE hat that he or she has been looking for.

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with HRVST! We had open communication throughout the whole process, and they understood all our needs and requirements."

Steph Stipac, Creative Director.

Brand colours.

Given this was a holiday campaign, HRVST integrated a seasonal red to accent the more traditional Bench shades of grey.

Seasonal stats.

During the holidays, an estimated 92% of shoppers will go online to research and purchase gifts.

Dreaming of a white(space) Christmas.

In such a competitive clothing and retail market, HRVST used design to make Bench different. Forgoing the conventions —and kitsch— of the season, we opted for clean lines, white space and bright lighting.

Getting on the 'nice' list.

In order to capture holiday shoppers' intrigue and imaginations, HRVST crafted a visual story for Bench through crisp original photography and in-store animation displays.

Happy haul-idays.

At the end of the 2016 holiday period, sales were up to $637 billion — $91.7 billion of which was online purchases. By creating a dynamic digital gift guide, HRVST helped Bench achieve to connect with shoppers for seasonal sales success.

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Next up: Dogpack

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