Sustainable fashion brand.


Sustainable fashion brand.


AMUR is a New York City-based sustainable clothing line empowering modern women to dress confidently and consciously. They had the purpose and products, but were missing the platform. HRVST collaborated with AMUR to tell their story through design and digital development, creating an ecommerce experience to connect their mission to mindful consumers everywhere. We helped them build profit, while benefitting people and planet.

Sustainable: The new black.

Ethical fashion has never been more in vogue — literally! Since its launch, AMUR has received press coverage in fashion publications including Vogue, Pop Sugar and Nylon, among others. The website and ecommerce experience HRVST created for them serves as the hub for their growing base of customers and community.

"HRVST were attentive and aware of our needs throughout the process. They really got us and saw the value in our values; they were a true partner in helping us digitally connect our sustainable product and purpose with women everywhere."

Sofia Shannon, Creative Director.

Brand colours.

AMUR is changing the aesthetic of ethical fashion from green and granola to sleek and chic. HRVST helped tell this visual story through a modern, neutral colour palette that felt earthy and hip without being hippie.

Shopping differently; making a difference.

Consider these insights: Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest living generation. The majority (66%) are willing to pay more for ethical and sustainable products. Millennials are also making more than half (54%) of their purchases online.


We supplied assets to launch POP Shoes' thriving social media accounts that drive traffic to the main ecommerce site and connected with sneakerheads everywhere.

Smart design is always in style.

HRVST took these insights to build AMUR an ecommerce platform where Millennial women could connect with the brand's values, while seeing value in its products. By understanding their digital behaviours, we crafted an experience that would help them do good and look great.

Next up: Pop Shoes

Light-up shoes. Tap for more.

Next up: Pop Shoes

Light-up shoes. Click for more.